The Adventures of Sloane

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sloane's day out

Yesterday, we went to watch my team play at the Goals For Life Charity Soccer Tournament. This is a great event that raises money to fund mammograms for needy women without health insurance. I've played ever year since we moved up to New Jersey, but alas, since I had a c-section, the tournament was out this year. My team actually won its division for the first time ever, winning two games and tying one.

Sloane was, as usual a perfect child, not even a whimper out of her the whole afternoon.

Afterwards, we went to Babies R Us to get more formula and start getting a sense of what we will need to childproof the house - argh (I went to an infant safety seminar a couple of weeks ago and they really scared me that this house is a child death trap!). Babies R Us has a "Mother's Room," so rather than rush home, I used it to feed Sloane. She was a champ until it came time to change the diaper.

As some of you know, Her Royal Grumpiness adamantly does NOT like to have her diaper changed. She expressed her displeasure at this turn of events by simultaneously expelling from both ends... twice. It was pretty amusing.

All in all, she's really terrific when we go out anywhere.


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