The Adventures of Sloane

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Week 13 - a summary

Dear Lollipop,

Today, you turn 14 weeks old. I can't fathom how time is flying by.

This week, Grandma Janet came to stay with you and the two of you had too much fun. Mommy missed getting to see you at lunch so much, but I knew you were in capable hands. You and Grandma went for lots of walks and looked at things and had many long conversations.

Oh, what conversations we've all had this week! You started making word like sounds and punctuating them and pausing and waiting for whoever you are speaking to to respond to your noises. It's funny and cute and charming-- just like you. You also now can clasp your hands together, are fascinated by your toes and can sit upright with minimal support.

You're also just getting more and more beautiful with every passing day-- your daddy and I can't get enough of you.


You really are the best and most wonderful little girl we could have ever hoped for.



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