The Adventures of Sloane

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Abundance of Grandparent-ness

Sloane has been lavished with attention and affection even more so than usual for the last several days. First, Babushka Janet and Dedushka Boris were here from Thursday afternoon until Sunday morning. Then, Grandma Jean and Grandpa Pete came to help mommy out on Monday so that I could work (we're done at the back up care day care center at my office and she doesn't start her full time day care until September 5th).

Though Sloane is miserably cutting three (yes, THREE!) teeth, she tried valiantly to be her usual cheerful, charming, sunny little self. Either way, she had such a great time with both sets of grandparents.

John and I are actually somewhat jealous since neither of us got to grow up seeing our grandparents much. His were in Ireland and England and mine were in the former Soviet Union. When we found out we were having a child, we swore that she would be lucky enough to have a LOT of contact with her grandparents.

Hooray for grandparents!

check out those chubby cheeks!!

You won't see many posts for about a week, we're off to New Orleans. A two and a half hour flight with a teething infant... Wish us luck!


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