The Adventures of Sloane

Monday, September 17, 2007

Fallin' for you

There's an ever so slight nip to the air... the windows are open, the air conditioners hum and wheeze is off. Fall has arrived.

Saturday, we saw deer and chipmunks and lots of doggies at South Mountain Reservation. Yesterday, we walked four miles, with Sloane taking in the sights perched high in her Baby Bjorn, just under Daddy's chin. Today, we both rushed home from work to beat the sunset and go for a walk again. We walked around the neighborhood, stopping at the Hazel Street Elementary's playground to sit on the swings.

Sloane loves this weather, her cheeks getting extra rosy and her eyes opening wide with excitement at every leaf, every pine cone, every flower and every squirrel. Plus, she looks really, really cute all bundled up in her new fall clothes.



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