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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Five Months Old

Dear Lollipop,

Today you are five months old! And it's the six anniversary of mommy and daddy's first date. What a momentous day. This is a month of changes and graduations.

You have graduated to much bigger clothes, finally outgrowing all the things we received or bought for you before you were born. Luckily, mommy and daddy discovered the concept of garage sales -- behold: 35 outfits for $20:

You have also graduated to a "big girl" car seat, no longer fitting under the height limit for your infant carrier seat. Not only do mommy and daddy have to get a big girl car seat, but we now have to get a big girl car seat for each car as this kind of seat doesn't go from one to the the other. Here's the first one:

Additionally, you graduated to the crib in your own room this month. Mommy and daddy were very nervous about it, but you took to it immediately, seeming to prefer it to your previous spot in the bassinet in our room.

Finally, you have graduated to size 2-3 diapers, just a few weeks away from moving to size three cruisers. You're now eating 8.5 ounces every four hours and gobbling six tablespoons of cereal every day!

All in all, you're turning in to a big, big girl, much larger than some of your same age peers at day care. And speaking of day care, two weeks ago, you started your permanent day care and you really seem to love it there. Your group includes four other babies -- a little girl, 12 weeks old and two little boys - one two weeks younger and one two weeks older.

All in all, you are growing and changing every day and the little person that you are growing into is an amazing creature - full of charm and wonder. You're the best little girl in the world.

your mommy


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