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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Dear Lollipop,

Tomorrrow you turn 21 weeks old. This past two weeks have been crazy and hectic and fun all rolled into one. You had your first airline experience, and with it, your first delays, jerky fellow passengers (hello, rude, child-hating, gay guy and bleached blonde, dripping in diamonds, tacky trophy wife, I am talking to you!) and general suckiness of air travel. But you did great - either sleeping or making sweet funny faces, with their subsequent gummy toothless grins, at anyone who would make eye contact with you.

You had a wonderful time with grandma and grandpa at their really cool house outside New Orleans. They spoiled you rotten with attention, toys and everything else that grandparents are supposed to do. Mommy and Daddy also had a big party to introduce you to all their friends and their friends' kids, and you were so charming and sweet and didn't even get freaked out that there were 25 people, including six kids in ages 1.5 to 12. You really are the best child ever.

These past two weeks have had their trials too. You have stopped sleeping through the night. I guess you have decided that 1 am is as good a time as any to wake up for the day. Your daddy and I have been having it kind of rough with this schedule, and we respectfully request that you go back to sleeping until 6 am. Please?

Other than that, we could not ask for a better, more lovely, more beautiful, smarter or more charming little person to grace our lives with her presence.

your mommy


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