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Monday, October 15, 2007

Half Birthday

Dear Lollipop,

Today is your half birthday. I know I say it so often, but you seem to have changed the very laws of science - time has sped up since you came into our lives. It seems like just a few weeks ago that we came home from the hospital with this teeny, tiny little defenseless creature in our arms. In just a few short months, you've transformed -- our lives, yourself and everything that you touch.

This month has been full of surprises. Your adorable, charming, funny personality has really blossomed in these last weeks.

You've taken notice of the cats - much to their chagrin - and now lunge for them whenever they are in fur-pulling distance. I don't know if Frank and Cali will ever forgive me! You are very aware of your surroundings and take notice of everything. This month, you learned to hug and kiss and now brighten my day (not that you didn't already) by throwing your little arms around my neck, burying your head against my clavicle and mushing your lips all around to give me "kisses." I absolutely adore it.

You laugh a lot now and smile even more often. Everyone comments on how happy and cheerful you are. Your happy demeanor belies a strong will, though, and your determination to get what you want - whether it's a toy that you have dropped and I have been too slow to retrieve, or whether it's a different vantage point from where you may be at that moment - is unlike any baby I have seen. You have my stubborn streak - woe is us when you are a toddler, or (shudder) a teenager.

Your daddy and I have our three year anniversary tomorrow. Last night, as we sat talking, we both agreed that this is the happiest either of us has ever been in our entire lives, and it's because of the joy that you have given us.

Thanks for being the most wonderful little girl in the whole world, Lolli. Happy half-birthday, my sweetness.

your mommy


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