The Adventures of Sloane

Monday, October 22, 2007

Leaps and Bounds

We went to see Dr. Coy today because I was worried about the rash on Sloane's neck and chest and also because she has a bit of a runny nose. It turns the rash is nothing to worry about - a side effect of dry skin exacerbated by teething drool - and the runny nose is just that, a runny nose. Sloane was her usual sunny little self, smiling at everyone and generally being sweet.

Every baby development book I've read (and I've read a lot) tells me that babies do not reach developmental milestones in a straight line progression, but rather in fits and starts. I had been concerned about a few things that were in the "should be able to" column for a six month old. Dr. Coy allayed my fears that Sloane is well in the normal range for the two things I was concerned about (sitting up unassisted and consonant sounds).

The funny thing is that when we got home today, she not only really "got" the whole eating-from-a-spoon thing, opening her mouth wide for every spoonful, swallowing and saying "mmmmm" after each bite, but she also surprised me by holding her own bottle and feeding herself (for a short amount of time), and by announcing loudly "babababababa, dadadadada, googoogoogoo" -- lots of those repeating consonants that I was concerned she wasn't saying!

Oh, and Miss Giant Amazon Baby weighs 17 pounds, 15 ounces and if she had not just had a poopie in the car on the way to the pediatrician's office, she would have probably topped 18 pounds!


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