The Adventures of Sloane

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mommy and Daddy are Halloweenies

We were so excited for Sloane's first Halloween that we bought her a costume back in August. She was going to be a little chili pepper and it was going to be so incredibly cute.

Only, when we tried on the costume last night, we realized that even though it was listed as size 9 months, it was made for a short, fat baby with freakishly long arms. Sloane is anything but a short, fat baby. Suffice it to say, this costume did not fit. We were in the midst of a Halloween Disaster since today is the Halloween costume party at day care, and Sloane would be the ONLY child without a costume - bad, bad parents!!

Luckily, daddy rode in to save the day and made a run to Babies R Us with about 10 minutes to spare until their 9 pm closing. And, on top of that, since it was the night before Halloween and they were already frantically putting out their Christmas decorations (I know!), all the costumes which were listed at $19.99 each, were on clearance for $3. So, we got two to see which one was cuter.

Say hello to Sloane the Crawfish:

And also, say hello to Sloane the Funky Chicken:

And, finally, here is the outfit she's wearing today at school so that she's not too hot in her costume:

Tune in later tonight for pictures from the party at day care and trick or treating (we'll be answering the door in costume).


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