The Adventures of Sloane

Monday, November 19, 2007

Pediatrician Update

We had a well baby visit with Dr. Coy today. Thank goodness Sloane was finally well!

Sloane handled her vaccinations with only one little scream and a single tear. She was such a trooper.

She weighs 17 pounds even, which is definitely less than she weighed before the stomach virus, but is still 52nd percentile. Her height is off the charts (greater than 100th percentile) at 28.75 inches, and her giant head is also off the charts at 18 inches. The better to house her brilliant brain, right?

Dr. Coy said that she is right on target developmentally and everything looks good. We can start introducing meats in another month, and we can drop one formula feeding per day and add more fruits, veggies, infant cereal and yogurt into her diet to make up the calories.


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