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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

9 Months

Dear Lolli,

Today you turn 9 months old. Mommy is having a really hard time because suddenly my little baby has become a big girl with attitude, strong opinions and a whole lot of mobility. Just a mere three months left that I can call you a baby. After that, you'll be a toddler. Wow, time flies.

This month, you started crawling fast, got two teeth, expanded your vocabulary, started eating meat (chicken and turkey - both of which you love, proving that you are your father's daughter since I hate chicken). You can say "mama," though you still say it without regard for what it means. You do, however, associate the names of your toys (especially ball, Huggy Bear, Elefant and Bunny) to the correct toy and you will raise your arms to be lifted when mommy says "up." You also know the word "hugs" and will give the best smooshie hugs when asked.

This month, you started a bit of self-feeding, though we still have a ways to go on this. You are being very stubborn about napping and will nap only if held, though night time sleep has been (knock on wood) pretty good.

Your personality is so distinct and you are certainly your own little person, quite distinct from your daddy and me. You are a charmer, though, winning over everyone with your smile and crazy long eyelashes.

This is the month that you fell head over heels in love with our cats, Frank and Cali, and you will do whatever you can to be near them, touch their fur and have long high-pitched, one-sided conversations with them. You think everything that they do is utterly fascinating and hilarious. Your daddy and I nearly died from amusement when you spent a full 20 minutes laughing uproariously because Frank jumped up on his cat tree and Cali sneezed. We literally could not get you to stop laughing.

All in all, you are growing up into one amazing, special, smart and beautiful little girl, and your daddy and I couldn't ask for anything more.

You're the best of both of us.

your mommy


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