The Adventures of Sloane

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pediatrician update

Sloane had her (three times rescheduled) nine month well baby visit this afternoon.

She is developing normally and is on target for all her milestones. As the doctor said, she's "one healthy, happy little girl."

She is even more of a giant than last time, weighing in at 21 lbs, 6 ounces (oh, my aching back!), which is 89th percentile. She's 31 inches tall, which is above 99th percentile. The doc even asked me how tall John was because her height is actually gaining speed (she's getting taller and taller relative to her age group), so she's going to be a very tall person. It's too early to tell how tall, but it's a safe bet, she's going to be well above average. Her head is still giant at 18 and 3/4 inches (also above 99th percentile) -- all the better to house that big and rapidly expanding brain.


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