The Adventures of Sloane

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Simply the best

It's been so long since Sloane hasn't been either sick or teething, that we'd almost forgotten what a normal week was like. This week, Sloane slept through the night every night, woke up happy and refreshed, ate well, practiced her crawling, and was even more of a joy than usual to be around. Plus, about two hours ago she finally uttered that little, teeny, tiny word that I've been dying to hear for months... "mama."

We are in heaven (and surprisingly well rested considering I had a massive sinus infection and have been on antibiotics and expectorants for 10 days).

This afternoon, we finally completely finished childproofing her room since she can crawl really fast now. Window blind cords are out of reach, outlets are covered, crib and changing table rails are covered in soft rubber to protect her from cracking her teeth, electrical cords are managed, door stops are removed and so on and so forth. I feel relieved. Now, we just have to figure out how to childproof the rest of the house because it's a death trap.

Here's our little cherub:

Remember how I talked about how Sloane now gnaws on everything she can get those little teeth on? Well, here's proof. I give you, the changing table railing:


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