The Adventures of Sloane

Friday, February 15, 2008

10 Months Old - A Story in Too Many Pictures

Sloane has been sick all week (first a stomach virus, then a double ear infection), so she's been home with John and I alternating days off from work. I hadn't taken any pictures all week, but today she finally seems like her old self again, so here's picture overload...

this is actually from last week, but I couldn't resist this little belly

why wear socks when you can take them off and play with them?

standing, not holding on to anything

hair accessories

showing off those two teeth. So far, lots of drooling, but no more teeth have arrived

playing bongos on her crib post

turning on the music box attached to her crib. Her next move after this is to start playing with the light switch.

John thinks she's going to be an engineer because she has to turn every toy over and around and tries to figure out how it works and how to turn it on and off


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