The Adventures of Sloane

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


The posting has been light recently because someone is a lightening fast crawler and gets into everything and by the time mommy gets the camera, someone is in another room trying to stick her fingers into a light socket, yank the cat's fur, and/or launch herself down the stairs. I wonder who that someone might be...

Additionally, someone figured out how to get to her feet from a crawling position, but not how to get all the way up. So she gets stuck in the "downward dog" position (if you know your yoga poses) and I hear "mama-mama!-mama!" screaming. It's darn adorable.

And because she now has so much hair...

And it's so long and gets into her eyes...

(and look, no bald spots in the back any more!)

Mommy can now do this (giggle):


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