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Monday, February 18, 2008

Sleep Deprivation - 3 AM edition

For the last week or so, Sloane has been waking at 3 AM and staying awake until 5 AM. As you can probably guess, John and I are zombies.

Every time she learns a new skill, she seems to want to do that skill over and over again constantly. Like at 3 AM. The body's natural circadian rhythms wake all of us several times during the night, it's natural and normal. Sloane usually goes right back to sleep when this happens. For the last week, though, she's decided: "hey, it's 3 AM! What a perfect time to stand up in my crib! Wait... I can 't get back down! I'm stuck!! MAMA MAMA MAMA!!!"

This goes on for at least two hours, with either John or I going in there, getting her back down, rocked and cuddled and back to sleep, only to have her up again in exactly the amount of time it takes the parent who got up to get back into bed and start to close his or her eyes.

Plus, on top of that, last night at 4:17 AM, I felt a very big bump on the top gum. I think tooth #3 is on its way, which, of course means no sleep for anyone for at minimum another week. Lucky all of us.

As difficult as the sleep deprivation is, she's still her usual sunny, feisty, adorable self during the daylight hours. Yesterday, we went out for sushi for lunch. I think the last time we went out for sushi was last July or August, so we were way overdue. Sloane was amazing -- sitting in her highchair, playing quietly with her toys, eating her puffs and smiling at everyone with whom she could make eye contact. Plus, she happily tried some plain rice, some fried rice and surprisingly LOVED the pickled ginger and green tea ice cream off my plate (don't worry, she was only given a teensy bit of all of that). I think we have budding gourmet on our hands. She was so patient and happy, John and I were thrilled.

Saturday, 10 AM

I'm on the phone!

Escape artist

Binky hunter



Because she is now standing and could lean over the railing and fall out of her crib, we had to drop her crib mattress down to the lowest setting. This breaks our backs to get her in and out, but it's worth it not to have to worry about her falling. She, on the other hand, was less than amused. She can no longer reach the light switch (which she was fond of playing with) and she is now behind the bars of her "jail."


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