The Adventures of Sloane

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Today's swim class didn't quite make mommy and daddy forget the crisis that we're in, but it sure helped.

Sloane was a natural, enjoying herself immensely, smiling and splashing. She went under two times and aside from looking surprised, she handled it very well. She was friendly with all three instructors, Tony, Amber and Susan, and it was a blast. Can't wait until next Saturday, when it's daddy's turn in the water.

Hopefully, she'll get to use her newfound swimming skills this summer at the town pool since we won't be going to Jamaica for her birthday after all due to the aforementioned crisis.

Please excuse how big I look in the water - it's a weird angle from above (John was on a high balcony using the zoom) and that, coupled with strange water reflections makes me look about three times bigger than I am.

Getting ready for our big entrance

Bathing beauty

About to go under with the instructor

All smiles after our dunking

She really liked floating on her back looking up at daddy


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