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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fourteen Months (Father's Day Edition)

Dear Lolli -

Today, you are fourteen months old, and it's hard to explain all the changes that have happened this month. It's like a little light went off in your head and you decided that you'd had enough of being a baby. You're practically all grown up and off to college nowadays.

The biggest change has been in your ability to express yourself and communicate with us. There's been some physical changes, too (running, jumping, climbing, wreaking havoc), but the intellectual changes have really shined this month. You can correctly identify body parts ("where's your nose?"; "where's your belly button?"; etc.), you can tell us in various ways what you want and what you MOST EMPHATICALLY DO NOT WANT. You are interested in how things work, tirelessly opening and closing things, putting lids on containers, filling cups with small toys, and so on.

This month has really been the biggest change in you that I have seen. You're very independent, yet you still check every once in a while to make sure mommy or daddy is nearby, and you'll run over to give big, drooly hugs. You like to share your toys with others and are sweet and giving. You have learned to be gentle with the cats and to pat nicely.

You can explore and learn and are endlessly fascinated by books. You no longer chew on them, but instead will sit transfixed, listening to the whole story and helping turn the pages. When the book is done, you look up at mommy or daddy and ask for it again. You are so interested in the world around you, and your rapidly growing attention span makes you so much fun to be around.

You can swim underwater and get so excited in swim class that you start kicking happily as soon as the instructor says "go!" You love to pluck mint from the herb garden in the backyard and eat it. You love to touch trees and flowers and play in the grass, collecting all manner of things - rocks and acorns and pine cones.

This is the month that daddy really became your hero and the two of you are joined at the hip. I love to watch how much you adore him and I'm so proud of your relationship.

There have been some not-so-great developments this month, too. Getting your diaper changed has become a nightmare and is very difficult to do without both mommy and daddy. You can undress yourself to some extent and have started trying to remove your diaper.

That all pales in comparison to your eating habits, which are simply mercurial and unpredictable. Some days you eat, and some days you do not eat. At all. What you will eat or what you will refuse to eat (in a very loud and angry way, with many tears) changes from day to day. Today, you adore pasta and cheese, and tomorrow, pasta and cheese are THE WORST THING YOU EVER TASTED. I guess that makes you officially a toddler.

Your daddy and I couldn't be prouder of you. You are the best, smartest, kindest, sweetest and most wonderful little girl in the world. Now, will you please eat something?

your mommy

P.S. Happy second Father's Day to John -- a better dad doesn't exist anywhere.


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