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Monday, July 14, 2008

Mommy Meetup in Central Park

Yesterday was my meet up with the mommies from my internet mommy group. This meetup was about three months in the making and coordinating logistics for six busy moms, their husbands and there toddlers was a a bit challenging. In the end, it all worked out and we had an absolute blast. The kids played nicely side-by-side (at this age, they don't really socialize yet), the husbands all seemed friendly with one another and the mommies chatted and laughed and enjoyed ourselves immensely.

We met in Central Park and had a picnic and then strolled to the Ramsey Summerstage area for a family concert. Once we got there, however, they were making you check your stroller (which no one wanted to do) and it had gotten pretty late, so we called it a day.

We got stuck in traffic for two hours coming back and completely threw off Sloane's sleep schedule because she slept in the car. It took us until after 9 pm to get her back to sleep!

Nonetheless, a fun day!

Left to right, mommies: Zina, Irit, Lynne, Jenn, Luisa, me
Left to right, toddlers: Ryan (being held), Shannon, Alex, Ethan, Luisa's cousin Melissa, Brody, Sloane

No pictures of the husbands or of Irit's adorable eight year old twin boys.


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