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Monday, August 18, 2008

Sixteen Months

Dear Lolli,

Mommy is a bit behind on your monthly letter because Grandma and Grandpa were here this weekend visiting you.

This month has been a really happy one with you as you have mostly started eating. Mommy quakes with fear for having just jinxed this month of good eating by typing those words. You also cut four molars and learned the value of the all-out toddler temper tantrum, complete with throwing yourself on the floor and kicking your legs while peeling paint off the walls with your high-pitched shrieking.

But mostly, you've been a lovely little girl who charms anyone within smiling distance of your beautiful eyes and sweet temperament. Your new day care teachers love you.

I'm going to stop here and just close this month's letter with some funny pictures.

You're the best little person in the whole, big world, and your daddy and I adore you.

your mommy

Napping with Grandpa

Little Jack-in-the-box (of Two-Buck Chuck)

Story time at 5:40 am (poor grandpa)


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