The Adventures of Sloane

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Miniature animal adventure

A co-worker told me about a farm about a 40 minute drive from Atlanta that has a petting zoo filled with miniature animals, just perfect for toddlers. Since Sloane is going through an animal-obsessed phase, we thought it would be a great outing, so we headed up to Tanglewood Farm to check it out.

Sloane loved almost all of it. She wasn't thrilled with the pony ride (mainly because she hated the helmet!) and she got freaked when a baby bull got a bit overzealous to be fed and head butted her to the ground. Overall, she really loved it and particularly went nuts at the goat feeding frenzy.

She preferred this pony ride instead...

This is actually an action shot as this baby bull is about to head butt my baby (if I'd known it was about to happen, I would have stopped it, but instead I caught it as it was happening on camera). I kept yelling "bad cow" at it afterwards, but it didn't seem phased. Sloane wasn't hurt at all, just scared.

Flashing gang signs at Mr. Pig

This teeny baby goat (in process of being weaned off mother's milk) was a big hit with Sloane

This miniature baby piglet was literally about the size of an adult hand

Sloane caused the goat version of a food riot when she insisted on feeding them every last scrap of bread she had, while giggling up a storm

Miniature alpaca

Miniature bison


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