The Adventures of Sloane

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Our Halloween was a bit of a disaster.

Our plans were to go to daycare's Halloween costume party at 3 pm, then our friend, Robin's neighbor's party where there would tons of kids Sloane's age and then we would take her to trick or treat to a couple of houses and then hang out in my friend's yard making s'mores in her chiminea.

So, instead, mommy has been sick with the stomach flu for a few days, and we missed the costume party at daycare because Sloane took a three hour nap. That should have been a red flag right there because the munchkin never, ever sleeps that long and we had to wake her up just to get her ready for the party at Robin's neighbor's house.

We got to the party and literally about 5 minutes later, Sloane threw up all over herself and me (daddy joked that mommy's costume was "drunk sorority girl"). We felt so bad for her and so embarrassed in front of a ton of people whom we'd never met before. Luckily, Sloane only puked on herself and on mommy -- not on the host's lovely furniture.

Sloane is good as new today and acts as if last night never even happened. We just feel awful that her first Big Girl Halloween sucked so much!!!

Robin got some lovely pictures before the hurling:


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