The Adventures of Sloane

Monday, November 3, 2008

Too many pictures from the weekend

My friend, Jenn, made Sloane a one-of-a-kind handpainted Halloween outfit:

A few weeks ago, Sloane taught herself how to break in to the dishwasher and play with things she's not supposed to play with. Like knives. I swear, she spends time trying to find new ways to give us heart attacks. You can't turn your head for a moment with her.

Deciding what she wants for her afternoon snack (she decided to shove an entire bag of dried apples into her gaping maw, then spit them out and help "clean up" by putting them back in the bag). Yeah.

Crab girl:

Self-portrait (Sloane climbed in my lap, handed me the camera and insisted I take a picture of us -- what can I say, she's a ham!):

notice her faux-pout?

The intersection of a patient cat and a toddler "helping" mommy fold laundry


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