The Adventures of Sloane

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Video Killed the Radio Star

New videos are up... please excuse my annoying voice on them.

Eating cheerios organic o-shaped cereal


Walking to daddy


Trying to get into the dresser to cause havoc and mayhem


Sir Frank, Lord and Protector

(we bribe him with treats to be his sweet and patient with her)

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Today's swim class didn't quite make mommy and daddy forget the crisis that we're in, but it sure helped.

Sloane was a natural, enjoying herself immensely, smiling and splashing. She went under two times and aside from looking surprised, she handled it very well. She was friendly with all three instructors, Tony, Amber and Susan, and it was a blast. Can't wait until next Saturday, when it's daddy's turn in the water.

Hopefully, she'll get to use her newfound swimming skills this summer at the town pool since we won't be going to Jamaica for her birthday after all due to the aforementioned crisis.

Please excuse how big I look in the water - it's a weird angle from above (John was on a high balcony using the zoom) and that, coupled with strange water reflections makes me look about three times bigger than I am.

Getting ready for our big entrance

Bathing beauty

About to go under with the instructor

All smiles after our dunking

She really liked floating on her back looking up at daddy

Swim Class

Yesterday was kind of a bad day for mommy and daddy, but today is going to make up for it by being Sloane's first swim class!

Here are some pictures from last week to tide you over until then:

(remember when those jeans were huge on her?)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Perfect Weekend... and SHE WALKS!!

Sometimes, weekends like these make me remember oh so exquisitely why I wanted to be a parent in the first place. We had a lot to do in advance of my business trip to Oklahoma on Tuesday. There was laundry and grocery shopping and outgrown baby clothes to be sorted. There was how-to-feed your-finicky-toddler books to read and work-brought-home to be done. Did it get done? Some did, some didn't. It doesn't matter. What does matter is that we had a wonderful time together as a family on this three day weekend. We played and we laughed and we tickled and we rough-housed. We ate and we sang songs and we danced and we laughed some more. It was the best.

Plus a few hours ago, at about 5:17 pm, Sloane let go of the chair she was holding on to and walked about three or four feet across the room into my waiting arms. That's right. Not holding on to anything. Then she did it about three more times. My baby is a toddler {sniff}.

Pictures from the weekend, courtesy of my new LG Shine phone (batteries on the regular camera died a few days ago and we just bought new ones this afternoon):

(eating blueberry waffle at the new Belgian wafflerie in South Orange)

(trying to break into the dresser to throw clothes around the room - one of her favorite activities)

(this morning we drove up to the Wanaque Reservoir in northwest Passaic County and walked around)

(we stopped for lunch afterwards and my sandwich came with fries, which I am not too fond of. However, Sloane not only snagged a couple of fries off my plate... she ate them too!)

(getting ready to walk... unfortunately, no actual pictures or video of the walking as we were too slow and too stunned)

and finally, a video with sound (the phone has a video camera that records sound and compresses file size, much better than our old digital):


Friday, March 21, 2008

Water Baby

Today, Sloane got registered for her first round of swim classes at Kristie's School of Fish. We start classes next Saturday at 10 am and I'm not sure who is the most excited, mommy or daddy. Below are some pictures showing of Sloane's new collection of fashionable swim diapers (the latest in baby swim gear) and the sun protective wear that we bought a few weeks ago for our upcoming trip to Jamaica.

I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.

Alas, it's still winter

yoga poses

Contemplating the laundry

Examining another swim diaper

Monday, March 17, 2008

Cute Enough to Banish Snakes From Everywhere

Happy St Patrick's Day to Sloane's Irish side - grandma and grandpa, uncles and aunt, cousins, second cousins and third cousins.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

11 Months

Dear Lolli -

Today you are eleven month old. Where has all the time gone? This month has been amazing. Your vocabulary has expanded significantly, you now say "mama" and "dad-EE" to the correct parent. You've learned to pet the cats gently (though your idea of hugging them is still to body slam them with all your weight) and they have grudgingly started to tolerate you. Frank has learned that if he hangs out by the bottom of the high chair, he gets treated to lots and lots of small pieces of expensive organic chicken that you drop on the floor.

You have decided that you are no longer a baby and will not allow anyone to feed you anything. You want to feed yourself, with hilariously unintended consequences. I would get stressed and more stressed about how little was actually making it into your mouth, but I'm trying to let it go and just enjoy your new independence. You are definitely showing us signs of toddler temper tantrums to come, but even when you get mad and kick your legs and shake your fists and scream in frustration, you're so incredibly cute that mommy and daddy can't help but smile.

You now respond to your name and understand the word "no' (though you still usually turn around, pause, smile and then go back to whatever verboten activity you were doing). You've also discovered your inner horror movie scream and love to practice it over and over again. Seriously, Sloane, that scream can etch glass, and you find it hilarious. Mommy and Daddy? Not so much.

This is the month that your manual dexterity has improved drastically. You can now pinch and poke and pull out small hairs, like the ones on daddy's arms and chest. You pinch and poke us mercilessly, and we let you because we adore you.

Your personality is so winning and charming that you can melt glaciers. Sometimes, I think global warming can be attributed to your sweetness and warmth.

Your daddy and I are amazed every single day by all that you have accomplished and wake every morning so excited to see what that day with you will bring.

In just a few short weeks, you will be one years old and no longer our baby, but our toddler. We love you so much, Lolli - you're the best little girl in the whole world.

your mommy

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Shot the Sheriff... But I Didn't Shoot No Deputy

We finally bit the bullet and with a donation of some additional frequent flier miles from Grandma, the family Cunniffe is heading to Jamaica to celebrate Sloane's first birthday. Well, we're celebrating her actual birthday here at the house with family, of course, but two weeks later, we are hightailing it to the Pebbles Resort in Jamaica and relaxing on the beach. Sloane even gets her very own vacation nanny, to boot. Yay for vacation -- our first real vacation since we bought our house almost three years ago!

In honor of Sloane's imminent trip to Jamaica, we present : Crazy Hair

Saturday, March 8, 2008

So, May We Introduce to You... Piggytail Number One and Number Two

(proud member of The Abused Mommies Club - do you see how she's using my nose as a fulcrum to turn my head so she can play with my earring? This is my life.)

(cheerios face)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sloane Tree

When I was growing up, we moved a lot. From the ages of 6 years old until 10 years old, we moved just about every year. When we finally settled into our first house in New Orleans, I was almost 12 years old. It wasn't a bad childhood, but it lacked continuity and family traditions. As I've gotten older, I've always looked wistfully on the family traditions and special things in the childhoods of my friends who grew up in the same place, in the same house. So, because John and I know that the house we are in now, our first house, is not our forever home (it's too small and has too many issues), we asked my parents to plant a tree for Sloane at their beautiful house in Covington.

It would be a tree planted in her first year that she could always know was to be "her tree." My mom reached out to her friend Susan who knows about such things, and it was decided that the tree would be a satsuma tree. The tree would blossom around Sloane's birthday in April and bear fruit in the fall, when we often come to New Orleans for a visit. The tree was planted by all of us (mommy, daddy, Sloane, grandma and grandpa) on March 1st at about 1:30 pm CT. It stands at 48 inches high and Sloane stands at 31 inches.

(notice Ruger the three legged dog from two houses over - Sloane fell madly in love with him)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sloane Goes to New Orleans (again) - Another Story in Pictures

I have been a bad, bad mommy for not posting and keeping Sloane's legions of fans waiting to find out what's going on with Her Royal Cuteness.

The three of us went to New Orleans where mommy and daddy went to Dr. Glenda's fabulous wedding and Sloane had a great time being doted on by Grandma and Grandpa.

Getting ready to leave:

Hanging out in her new toy bin, amongst the toys:

Snoozing with Grandpa on his bed:

Hanging out on the porch swing:

Crashed out on the futon after a long afternoon of being attacked with love and attention:

Tune in tomorrow for a more thorough write up of the trip, plus a whole series of pictures of the planting of Sloane's tree.