The Adventures of Sloane

Monday, February 2, 2009

Moo-ee, moo-ee!!

Sloane has become obsessed with the movie ("moo-ee") Triplets of Belleville. She demands to see "moo-ee" abut 30 times a minute.

Other than that, she's been very busy "cooking" meals for her Fwog (Frog), Melmo (Elmo), Monks (a sock monkey) and Baybiss (a baby-doll). She also finds time in her busy day to discipline Fwank and Cali ("Not nice! Bad boy! Hey kitty! Go sit! Not nice! Not nice!!"). Running the Indy 500 through the loop of living room, kitchen, family room back to living room is also a favorite activity. And, of course, visiting our neighbors' wonderful and uber-patient wolfhound Riley ("Ya-yee").

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